10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Sleepover

19 Feb 2019

It’s almost the weekend and suddenly your child says “Hey! Can I have a sleepover this weekend?” You want to say yes, but you haven’t had time to prepare! Don’t worry, AZ SLEEPY TEEPEE is here to help and make this one of the best sleepovers your child has ever had! Sleepovers are a fun and original way for your child hang out with their friends and play games that don’t involve staring at their phone or a TV screen. However, preparing for a sleepover can be difficult. If you need some ideas on how to prepare for a sleepover, you’ve come to the right page!

1. Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme for a sleepover is a way to have children be creative and come up with ideas that will make their sleepover how they want it to be. Of course you will be there to monitor, but as we all know, children like to have a little independence.

Campin’ Camo Theme provided by AZ Sleepy TeePee

2. Invitations/Guest List

Maybe handing out invitations is a little out dated “these days,” but it’s still a good idea to do! Nothing would make a child more happy than being handed an invitation to a party and letting them know that they are included! Also when planning the guest list make sure everyone who is being invited gets along well so that everyone has a good time and is comfortable!

3. Allergies

Once the invitations are handed out it is important to ask the parents of the child if they have any allergies to certain foods, animals, etc. so that when they arrive there aren’t any issues

4. Food, food, food

Have some dishes out for the kids upon their arrival! Everyone loves to snack, but it would also be a great idea to allow the kids to prepare their own food like a personal pizza or bake some brownies!

5. Games!

Ask your child what kind of games they like and that their friends like so that everyone who is coming over is able to enjoy themselves. Games are a great way to get kids out of their shells and ensure that everyone is entertained!

6. Crafts

If things need to calm down a bit, maybe incorporate a craft. It’s fun, enjoyable and it’s a little “gift” that your guests can take home as a reminder of an unforgettable sleepover!

DIY Pillowcase Craft with AZ Sleepy TeePee

7. Rules

A slumber party can be a little overwhelming especially with a large group of kids so creating some rules to follow is necessary! Some rules might include, no leaving the house without permission, no unsupervised cooking, no screaming, etc. and maybe you can make it fun by writing it on a chalk board and putting the last rule as: “Have FUN!” The rules will depend on the host of the sleepover and the age group, but remember, it’s okay to lay down some rules for the kids to follow so things don’t get too out of control!

8. Bedtime

I’m sure your child wants to stay up all night having fun with their friends, but encourage a bed time. Have a talk with your child before their friends come over and come to an agreement. It’s the weekend so allowing them to stay up past the normal bed time is okay, but remember, you need sleep too!

9. Siblings

When the older sibling gets to have a sleepover or do the fun stuff before the younger one, the younger sibling(s), might feel left out. It would be a good idea to have the younger sibling(s) go to a friends house, go to the movies with the other parent, grandma or grandpa or maybe if the older sibling doesn’t mind, the younger sibling can invite one friend over and join in on the fun for a little bit.

10. ENJOY!

This is cliche, but planning and putting things together can be stressful so have fun! Be there to monitor, not hover! Allow your child to gain their independence, but remind them you will be there if anything is needed. So sit back, (try) to relax and soak up the memories of your child’s sleepover! Don’t forget to take pictures!

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Written by: Katrina Taylor