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Sleepy Teepee started with owner Dana Maciag planning her daughters 10th birthday party. Dana has always been one of those over the top party moms so she knew her daughter’s sleepover party had to be a huge hit. After spending hours on Pinterest, she knew that individual teepees for each girl was the way to go. She also knew it would make a great business, because if a company like it had already existed, she would have used them! Dana enlisted the help of her family and friends. Her mother-in-law is the master seamstress behind some of the handmade pillows and teepee covers. Her husband, Ryan, former US Army Sniper and personal trainer, is the master craftsman behind the teepees and picnic tables. Dana, owner of Kid Murals by Dana, uses all her handmade crafting and interior decorating skills to make the Sleepy Teepee Parties come to life. Together with their three kids, they help deliver parties around the valley, create new themes and fun decor, as well as disinfect and organize on a weekly basis.

Teepee Crew members

Meet Melissa

Melissa, our teepee client relations manager, has known Dana for several years. They used to teach together years ago in Anthem, AZ. Melissa is the one you’ll talk to during the booking process. She makes sure everything is taken care of for your special event with AZ Sleepy Teepee.

Teepee Parties the Ultimate Sleepover FAQs

How Do I book a Party?

Please fill out a Party Inquiry form on our website and one booking manager will get back with you to plan and schedule your party.  YOUR PARTY IS NOT BOOKED TILL YOU HEAR BACK FROM US!

Click Party Inquiry

* Please note, to book your party date and the number of teepees you must sign the contract and pay the deposit. Once this is done you may always add teepees if they are available, but you cannot subtract them.

What if I need to Cancel my party?

Cancellation Policy – If your party needs to be canceled due to an illness or family emergency, we will do our best to reschedule your party to a new date and time and your deposit will be applied to your new party. It is your responsibility to make your guests aware of the party date change and/or cancellation.

Is there a deposit or additional charges when booking a party?

There is a 50% deposit required for all parties.  There will be a $125 admistrative fee if cancelled within 4 weeks of party scheduled date.  If the party is cancelled less than four weeks from party date, your deposit is non-refundable. If the equipment is not available for pickup or returned as previously specified, we reserve the right to charge for the extra time. Also see Terms and Policies explaining additional charges for damaged, stolen, or stained party equipment.

How much time for set up and clean up?

hour to hour half – 30-40 take down.

Will there be any travel expenses?

There is a delivery and set-up fee added to every party – pricing varies per rental. If outside 25 mi from Teepee Headquarters, there is an additional travel fee.

Is there a service tip included?

If you think the service our staff has provided for you is excellent, please let us know. Tips are not required but always appreciated.

How much Space do I need?

The overall width of the tent with twin sized blowup mattress is approximately 4 feet wide per tent. The length of each mattress is 75” long. We generally set up the tents next to each other or opposite of each other, depending on the space. Please make sure you have an open area, a clutter free room, and a safe space for the kids to sleep. It is your responsibility to make sure there is enough space to accommodate the teepees with an open and unobstructed walkway to allow your guests to get in and out of the teepees safely.

Outdoor Bell Tent 22-24′ in circumference and 11′ in height  

Are the Linens Washed After Each Use?

Yes!  Our linens are professionally laundered by a local company called Ginny’s Wash House.

When booking a Sleepy Teepee AZ party, what is included?

All items listed in the standard teepee party package, including delivery, set up, styling, collection/pick up, laundering of linens and disinfecting of items.

Do I need to supply power?

Depending on the rental, yes. Our sleepover teepees run on batteries.

What Additional Terms and Policies Should I Be Aware Of?

Upon receipt of your booking request, we will contact you to review the Terms and Conditions prior to paying the deposit. Sleepy, Teepee AZ  provides you with a contract with our policy and terms of our service agreement with the assumption that you have read and agreed to them by signing the contract. Please ask for clarification if there are any questions regarding the policies before reserving your party.

This is not a not a booking form this is a general question contact form

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