Sleepy Teepee Party

23 Apr 2018

Hi my name is Jaydan, I am the daughter of one of the owners and I  am writing to tell you about my party with Sleepy Teepee. My mom had the idea having my first sleepover party. After we looked up some ideas, we really decided we liked the teepee party idea. She then turned it into her next business and I got to have the first party! I had so much fun with my friends, we all had our own teepees.


The first part of this party was planning the party. My mom and I talked alot about what was going to happen, what it would look like, and what snacks I wanted. I wanted flowers involved and fun cactus decorations. I choose s’mores, cookies, fruit kabobs, and trail mix for snacks. We also had cake and cookies.


The next step to my super fun party was setting up. We put up the teepee frames and then put the fabric on which was super easy. Each tent in my desert party theme had a fun fabric, cactus pillow, and pink blanket. My friends had to bring their own pillow to sleep on. The teepees also had a chalkboard with each one my friends names written on it and lights strung across them. That made seeing at night a lot easier.


All of my friends came. We did some fun activities. The first activity was making our own pillow cases. We all got white pillow cases and decorated them with fabric markers. Each person had a different design for their pillow case that they could put on the pillows they each brought to sleep on. The second activity was making dream catchers. It was an easy craft for everyone to do and everyone had a fun time creating their own. Some friends even hung them on their teepees when we finished.


We hung out all night eating snacks, playing games, and spending time in our own teepees. Some friends watched their ipads, some were reading a book, most of us hung out and talked all night! We all finally fell asleep in our teepees. I had so much fun with my friends maybe you should get a few teepees and have fun with your friends!  


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