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Transforming 1 Sleepover at a Time!

Party Checklist

These think-ahead steps from professional party planners will help you enjoy your party as much as your guests. Use what applies to your party that you are hosting and keep in mind the changes you can make for various styles of events. Three Weeks Before Make an invitation[…]

Party Planning 101

Hosting a Party can be an very overwhelming task. Whether you are doing a kids birthday party, bridal shower, bachelorette party or just a fun summer hang out day, the tasks can be mind boggling. Here are some great things to consider when planning a party. Pick a[…]

Ideas to keep your kids busy at a Sleepover

1. Truth And Dare: It is one of the most enjoyable group games. The players have to sit in a circle, with a bottle placed horizontally downwards, in the middle. One person spins the bottle and the person at which the mouth of the bottle points, when it[…]

Planning a Sleepover

#1. Set a Date, Make a Guest List, and Set Times. Make sure when setting a date, that it’s not over a school holiday where friends could be out of town, unless you have checked with the guests parents before hand. When making the guest list, make sure[…]

10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Sleepover

It’s almost the weekend and suddenly your child says “Hey! Can I have a sleepover this weekend?” You want to say yes, but you haven’t had time to prepare! Don’t worry, AZ SLEEPY TEEPEE is here to help and make this one of the best sleepovers your child[…]

Planning the Ultimate Sleepover

When you’re a kid, one of the most fun and exciting things you can do is to host a sleepover. The hard part is making a plan and ironing out all the details. Once your friends arrive, as long as you have some fun ideas up your sleeve,[…]