DIY Sleepy Teepee Party
2 Teepees -$215 OR 3 Teepees - $265
4 Teepees -$325
Each Additional Guest - $35
All Pricing + Tax & $150 Refundable Security Deposit

Teepee in carrying case
Mattress protector
Fitted sheet
Plush blanket

Shaped light
Decor pillows
Sleep Mask to keep
Banner for decor

DIY Teepee Parties

Are you a mom that wants to DIY your child’s sleepover party, but maybe you don’t want to have to be stuck owning all the teepees and supplies afterwards? Well, use our DIY service, NO CONTACT pick up from Teepee Headquarters in Scottsdale, take it home and set it up yourself! Then return it the next day and we will do all the laundry and disinfecting for you!


Our beautiful black and white teepees or pink and white teepees are perfect for any sleepover event. Add on any of our DIY Crafts Kits to keep the kids busy or Party-ing Gifts to go with your DIY teepee party!


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