How to Host the Ultimate Sleepover

29 May 2018

Now that you know how to plan your ultimate sleepover, here is how you host your ultimate sleepover. Take these tips and implements them during your slumber party! You want to make sure and keep your guests busy so they don’t get bored and cause trouble!


  1. AS THE HOST – BE POLITE TO YOUR GUESTS!  They will most likely come in with their parents, so be friendly to them and show them that you’re a nice kid with a nice home. Tell your friends where to put the items they brought with them. Ask if they would like any food or drink. Give them a tour of the house if they are unfamiliar with it. Be sure to mention the places they can and cannot enter. Show them where the bathroom is, too!


  1.  If you (with the help of your parents) already picked up some food to eat and make, such as hot dogs and hamburgers, then you should make the food if the guests arrive around dinner time. Don’t leave people standing around hungry. You can offer them soda or snacks, like chips and salsa or guacamole, while you’re waiting. You can also order pizza in, which is pretty commonly done at sleepovers, or even order Italian food, Chinese, or even Thai food if that’s what your friends like.
  • Make sure to keep snacks, such as chips, vegetables, and dip, or pita and hummus around so the guests have something to snack on while you get ready to order food.
  • For sweets you could make cookies, brownies, cupcakes, go to the store and buy lots of sweets and popcorn because people always get hungry.
  • Make sure you have enough beverages for everyone. You probably don’t want too many sugary drinks as that just causes everyone to get hyper and act crazy. Plus if it spills, it can create a sticky mess!
  1. HAVE PLENTY OF ACTIVITIES:  Make sure to have plenty of activities to keep your guests busy! Here are some great ideas for crafts and activities to do at a sleepover party.
  • Play music and dance around, play games like freeze dance or have a dance competition.
  • Crafts: there are multiple crafts you can do at a sleepover party. SOme of the best for a sleepover include, DIY pillowcase with fabric markers, bath bombs, glam mirrors, and dreamcatchers.
  • Activities: Hire someone to do, or do each others, hair, nails, makeup. Buy supplies from the dollar store for each child and then they get to take them home at the end of the party.
  • Games: Flashlight tag, pillow fight, hide and seek, truth or dare, play video games.
  • Tell Scary Stories
  • Watch a movie – typically done later in the night so everyone can wind down and eventually fall asleep.


  1. TAKE PLENTY OF PICTURES: You want to remember the night! You could even have a mini photoshoot with your friends. Bring out your camera or your phone camera and start snapping pictures of you and your friends doing silly things. You can even bring out some ridiculous costumes and old clothes and goof off while wearing those. If your parents are still up, you can ask one of them to take a picture of all of you so you have a group photo.


  1. SLEEP: Sleepovers don’t always mean sleep is going to happen, however, not everyone may want to stay up until two or three in the morning, so you should let the people who want to sleep get some rest. If everyone else is being loud, you can even let the guest sleep in your bed or in a different part of your house so he or she isn’t bothered. Get permission from your parents in advance.


  1. IN THE MORNING: Try and allow the others to sleep by being quiet and not waking everyone up at once. Be sure to serve breakfast and make sure everyone is fed. Make it a group effort to clean up, that way you aren’t stuck doing it by yourself at the end of the party. Be sure to thank your guests as the get picked up to go home!