Party Planning 101

14 Jun 2019

Hosting a Party can be an very overwhelming task. Whether you are doing a kids birthday party, bridal shower, bachelorette party or just a fun summer hang out day, the tasks can be mind boggling. Here are some great things to consider when planning a party.

Pick a Creative Theme

A clever theme lets party guests escape to another world. For a kid’s birthday, try recreating their favorite movie. Or, consider something more outside of the box, like a circus party, safari party, or even a food themed party.

Use Dazzling Decor

Vibrant party decor and a cheery table setting are key elements to a standout birthday party. But there’s no need to go all out with elaborate, expensive decorations. Even simple, plastic plates and utensils in bold, solid colors can create a festive setting.

Create a Guest List

Whether you’re inviting everyone you know or just a few friends, it always helps to have a guest list where you can keep track of RSVPs. We also recommend verifying the party date will work for your guests before mailing out invitations. Keep everything on track with our party timeline.

Picking a Venue

After you’ve chosen the perfect theme and narrowed down your guest list, it’s time to pick out a venue. If you’re having a small party, your house may be the ideal option. But a larger party might work better at a local park, restaurant or event space. If you plan on hosting a party somewhere other than your home, be sure not to wait too late to book a venue.

Custom Invitations

Handmade invitations can add a personal touch to your party, and they are surprisingly simple to make! There are plenty of creatives on Etsy who can make invitations for you and all you have to do is print and send! If you are the creative type, get that cardstock and glue out to make an adorable invite for your event.


If your guests don’t already know where you live or aren’t familiar with the party venue, a homemade sign with colorful balloons is a great way to direct them to the party.

Present Plan

A few days before the party, it’s a good idea to decide how you will handle presents. For young children, it may be better to reserve opening presents until after the party guests leave. However, if your child will be opening presents at the party, a quick refresher on sharing and saying, “Thank you,” is always a good idea. If the event is for an adult, be sure that a gift registry (if needed) is included with the invites. Some people also choose to skip the gifts and ask for donations for a local charity. If this is the case, also list this on your invitations.

Turn Up the Music

Every good party needs music.. Whether you set up a karaoke machine, supply instruments or simply stream a music station, the right music will set the scene for a super fun day.

A Creative Cake

What’s a party without cake? The more sprinkles, icing and candy the better! To save money on this party staple, we recommend dressing up a store-bought or homemade cake with colorful candy. But if you are one to go all out on your cakes, check out your local bakery to find some adorable custom cakes that match your events theme!

Atypical Treats

When it comes to party treats, we recommend planning a little something extra beyond the traditional birthday cake. Ice cream and fruit served out of colorful sundae cups is a healthier option that is still fun for kids or adults. Pinterest has tons of fun party food ideas for any event!

Main Meal

If your party is lasting longer than a couple of hours, a menu that includes some heartier options will keep the guests energized and in good spirits. Anything from basic pizza or hotdogs and hamburgers are perfect. If you want to get creative think about a DIY food bar of sorts such as a taco bar. This lets the guests pick what they want and most likely will enjoy it since they get to choose.

Games and other Activities

No matter the party style you’ll need things to keep the guests busy. Often hiring entertainment such as a character company, comedian, magician or even craft experts to come and teach a fun class are all great ways to keep guests entertained throughout the party.

Fantastic Photos

Don’t forget the photo ops! Candids are great, but guests will love a photo booth with silly props and face masks. Ask a friend to man the photo booth or hire a company. The photos make great favors. Photos from the party also double as a great way to make a Thank You cards for all the guests.

Party Favors

And speaking of party favors, sending your guests home with something extra special will make your party one to remember. For the perfect ending to a great day, try favors that relate to the party theme.