Thanksgiving Leftovers

2 Dec 2019

How the Teepee Family eats Turkey Day leftovers:

Homemade Hot Pockets

Scottsdale, AZ

Crescent Dough Sheets are a amazing!

The Maciag Family rarely has leftovers from Thanksgiving, as we usually feed upwards of 20 people on Turkey Day, but when we do, one of our favorite leftover meals are homemade hot pockets. They are tasty, flaky cheesy and KID FRIENDLY!

In years past we have used the big and flaky crescent rolls, but this year we discovered the crescent dough sheets. LIFE CHANGER!!

Just open up a roll of this amazingly flaky crust and slice into thirds with a pizza slicer. Stuff your homemade hot pockets with your favorite leftovers. The teepee crew loves ham and cheese (ham is usually the only meat left over). Make sure to put plenty of cheese – makes them gooey good! We do three layers!

Another idea is to fill these hot pockets with turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing, then dip them in hot gravy! Or go pizza style with cheese, pepperoni and sausage, then dip them in marinara sauce.

Once filled with your leftovers of choice, fold over the ends and push them together to make the ends come together.

Push the top and ends down to create a seal.

Cook in the oven for the suggested amount of time, sometimes it will take a little bit longer. Keep an eye on them and take them out when golden brown like crescent roll should be.

Beware, the insides will be super hot!

For easiest eating cut in half and enjoy!

Let us know what you stuffed your homemade hot pockets with below!